The Liberty Quill (LQ) exists primarily as a platform where personal liberty advocates can publish their ideas and expand their reach.

Written works on this site are referred to as “Quills.” The LQ accepts essays, poetry, short stories, visual art, and other forms of expression that stoke curiosity, promote reflection, and advance liberty. We encompass a broad spectrum of thought, including ideas found within classical liberalism, minarchism, and anarchy – all of which support aspects of individualism. Published works do not necessarily reflect the views of the LQ or its founder.

Submission requests can be made via our contact page or by contacting us on Twitter under @the_quill. We reserve the right to exclude any content we deem contrary to our core values. Contributors receive full credit for their work, which we share with LQ email subscribers, as well as our growing number of followers on social media.

We hope you come to enjoy and contribute to this site’s content and that your experience here serves to inspire your contrarian spirit.

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