Behind the Quill

Behind the Quill

Oliver (Ollie) Adamson is an advocate of a rapidly growing political philosophy called libertarianism. Admittedly, he never gave the ideas of liberty much thought growing up. Having explored numerous political ideologies, he now calls libertarianism home. During that same timeframe, Oliver also replaced his atheistic worldview with that of Christianity.

It is the bible itself that has made the greatest impact on Oliver’s desire to further investigate the legitimacy and importance of personal liberty. The folks over at The Libertarian Christian Institute couldn’t have said it better when stating that “Libertarianism is the most consistent expression of Christian political thought.”

Oliver has growing concerns over the increasing size of government as well as the endless laws which reach far beyond government’s original mandate: to protect its citizen’s natural rights to life, liberty and property. 

These concerns along with his changing worldview led to the creation of “The Liberty Quill” with a goal of “unfurling libertarian thought in Canada, one quill at a time.” Oliver hopes this can be realized in both Canadian and Non-Canadian readers alike, as liberty should know no borders.

Today, Oliver and his wife are raising their three young children, currently receiving their education at home. Oliver makes a living as a public servant providing audit and compliance review services ensuring that government spending is managed responsibly.

Please join him at The Liberty Quill as he writes about: 

• The nature of man
• The relationship between man and state
• Free market economics
• Education
• Canadian history

Towards liberty,

Ollie A.

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