What’s in a quill?

What’s in a quill?

Welcome to The Liberty Quill (TLQ). Before you start navigating the site, we’ve got a few points to share.

First off, we want you to know this site exists primarily to help educate the average Canadian whom likely knows little about libertarianism. You’re not Canadian but still here? Cool, hang in there – we’re actually not that boring of a bunch.

Secondly, you may notice we don’t refer to blog posts as “posts” but rather as “quills” which pleasantly serves as a double entendre. If you don’t quite see it yet, we encourage you to google away until all is revealed: You’ve got this!

Thirdly, the main contributor to this site is Oliver Adamson whom you can follow on Twitter (shameless plug) at @MrOliverAdamson if you so please. Oliver gets kind of lonely at times. Feel free to reach out should you want to contribute any content or just poke fun at how much of a simpleton he can be.

Lastly, please consider TLQ’s target audience so we can all manage our expectations. TLQ is by no means academia. You likely won’t see lengthy essays or articles (well not from Oliver anyway) and it most likely won’t be a place where long-time libertarians can receive a deeper commentary on existing libertarian ideals. We hope to provide content which can be both written in a style which non-academics find accessible and read in under ten minutes.

Our goal: Stoke curiosity and promote reflection. As mentioned, the Canadian aspect of this content cannot be ignored. We want Canadians to learn about libertarian concepts and the importance of personal liberty.

So please, no expectations of greatness. We won’t be serving up five-course meals with all the accompanying cutlery here, probably something more along the lines of meat and potato stew with a spork. So who’s hungry?

Towards liberty,